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One who slacks and procrastinates but still accomplishes what needs to get done.


Slacktivist, once an inside piece of humor between college associates grew to become the New York-based digital media production company, Slacktivist Visions, it is today.


Equipped with a team of varying backgrounds and cutting edge technology, we bring unique ideas to every project we conquer. We offer services to all of those with the ability to dream from up and coming entrepreneurs to well seasoned musical talent. 


no vision is beyond our sight. Slacktivist Visions aims to bring all ideas to life to promote a world where creativity comes first. At Slacktivist we see the vision. 

Mission statement

Slacktivist Visions is a Digital media production company that provides services in design, illustration, animation, motion graphics, and video production helping bring the vision(s) to life.


Slacktivist offers these services for promoting the goods and services for businesses, companies, organizations, individuals, and brands across all industries. 


We produce the best of the best and strive to achieve client and customer needs. Slacktivist aims to create quality content with Ideation, concept development, execution, and value.  

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